My biography/criticism of Graham Salisbury is coming out on June 28. It’s the latest in the Scarecrow Studies in Young Adult Literature (#20), which has featured similar books on other YA authors such as Robert Cormier, Karen Hesse, M.E. Kerr, Orson Scott Card, and many others (this series began awhile ago as the Twayne Series on YA novelists).

I’ll be happy to get a copy of the book in my hands. Besides writing the book, I also typeset the photo ready copy, an undertaking that took more time than writing the book–seriously! Interviewing Salisbury, who is known as Sandy, was a cool experience. He is an amazingly open man, with an unusual take on life. You’ll know what I mean if you read his stories. They have a different aesthetic.

The only frustration in all of this is getting the online bookstores like Amazon to post accurate information about the book. The cover art is missing, and the description is vague, to say the least. Here’s a link to Amazon so that you can see what I mean: Graham Salisbury: Island Boy (Scarecrow Studies in Young Adult Literature, No. 20)

Here’s what the cover art looks like, followed by a more detailed description of the book.

Graham Salisbury, winner of the Scott O’Dell and Boston Globe-Horn Book Awards, grew up in Hawaii during the 1950’s, and the lion’s share of his fiction is set there. He writes about boys of all races trying to carve an identity for themselves and struggling to make moral decisions as they grow into manhood.

The first section of this book chronicles the labyrinthine path of Salisbury’s life and career: from barefoot island boy to college dropout, from bubblegum pop musician to schoolteacher, and from real estate manager to young adult author. The book then offers a critical context for Salisbury’s work, discussing his novels in terms of plot and style: analyzing literary themes and examining critical responses to his work. Salisbury’s use of archetypes and the coming of age stories that dominate his work are explored in depth. Fans are also treated to a peek at some of Salisbury’s future projects.

Librarians, teachers, and teen readers will find this critical biography to be a useful resource for the library, classroom, and reference bookshelf.

Table of Contents for Graham Salisbury: Island Boy

Preface: Aloha
Introduction: The Islands
1. Island Boy: The Life and Career of Graham Salisbury
2. Hai Moolelo: Blue Skin of the Sea and Island Boyz
3. Makuakane and Keiki Kane: Lord of the Deep
4. Ohana and Kanaka e: Shark Bait and Jungle Dogs
5. Mana olana: Under the Blood-Red Sun and Eyes of the Emperor
6. One Hero: The Monomyth in the Novels of Graham Salisbury
Conclusion: Aloha Again
Selected Bibliography
About the Author

Ordering Info: $35.00 Cloth 0-8108-5338-8 June 2005 136pp. Available from

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