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31 12, 2005

The War Continues

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Robert Cormier is no longer with us. While he was, he was a brilliant writer, a good man, and a Christian who probed the meaning of faith, both good and bad. Despite his talents, he was not a man whose many abilities would lead to the creation of transformational grammar, New Math, word processors, digital clocks, and ultimately, the downfall

26 12, 2005

WikiYA Needs You

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Help create the world's largest encyclopedia of Young Adult and Children's Literature. Post articles about authors or your favorite novels. Anyone can post, edit, or supplement the articles without the need to register. So what are waiting for? Join the fun by visiting

22 12, 2005

Christmas Cheers

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The moment of truth has come. I've delayed the evitable until now. It's time to go Christmas shopping. Yes, I waited until now to start. Yes, it will be a mad rush to finish. Yes, I'll love the thrill of the rush. Yes, I'm procrastination incarnate. But before I do start shopping, I’d like to pass a holiday greeting on

15 12, 2005

Tooting My Tinny Horn: My First Review

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Review of GRAHAM SALISBURY: ISLAND BOY by David Macinnis Gill School Library Journal (December 1, 2005; 0-8108-5338-8; 978-0-8108-5338-6) "Part literary analysis and part biography, this is a well-balanced look at an unusual talent, a writer who has an eye for the frailties of life and the rites of adolescence. Gill discusses how growing up in Hawaii in the '50s influenced

13 12, 2005

The Great Blog Experiment

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My fellow bootcamper, literary agent Nadia Cormier, has come up with a great idea for using blogs to dicuss books openly. Here's what she says: Our Theory (again): Our theory is that readers do have some power – how much, we’re not sure – but we like to think that if readers get really jazzed about a book and “spread

5 12, 2005

WIN:Shorts Competition

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My story, "Get the Door, It's Dominique," has taken 1st place in the YA category in the WIN:Shorts Competition by Judge Marilyn Singer wrote, "When was the last time you read a great Girl Vs. Satan yarn? Well, "Get the Door, It's Dominque!" featuring a potty-mouthed heroine, a demon, and a Cadillac as main characters, is one! Dominique, come