Dear ALAN Membership:

The ALAN election committee is now accepting nominations for the ALAN Board of Directors and ALAN President. When nominating please consider the following:

All candidates for the board must be members of ALAN and NCTE, and are expected to come to the ALAN Board meeting at the NCTE convention and attend the ALAN workshop each fall during their terms in office. The term is a three-year commitment. Six candidates will be chosen for the ballot.

All candidates for the presidency must be past board members and willing and able to spend a full year of hard work preparing the ALAN workshop and taking care of administrative duties for ALAN.

Nominations must include the name, contact information including email, occupation, and place of residence for the individual, and provide three to four sentences explaining why this person should be considered. This is where ALAN/NCTE membership must be confirmed along with nominee’s ability to attend the ALAN Board meeting and the workshop. Other good things to include here would be how long the nominee has been a member of ALAN, the regularity of his or her attendance and presentations at the ALAN workshop (or NCTE), publications in The ALAN Review or other professional journal, and how she or he is involved with young adult (not children’s) literature.

Nominations for the ALAN board must be submitted to James Blasingame at [email protected] no later than May 10. With this nomination, you must include your name and contact information in case further information is needed. If you do not receive an acknowledgement, please assume your email did not get through and try again.

Written by : thunderchikin

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