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25 06, 2007

Sayonara, Japanese for Here Comes the Jetlag

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When it comes time to put a bow on an exchange, I try to think back on the significant moments of the trip.  There were many--Kyoto, the Peace Peak, the Umeda Station Crush at rush hour, getting nipped by the mynah bird at the pre-school, the lines of school children in uniforms and white floppy hats straight out of Pokeman

22 06, 2007

A Candle for Jim

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James Tillman was born eighty-six years ago in Evanston, Indiana.  His mother was, as most women were in that day, a housewife. His father, David, was a milkman who made deliveries in a horse-drawn wagon.  Jim was a child of the depression, and although his family didn’t have much in the way of money, he grew up rich in friends

18 06, 2007

The Next to Last Samurai

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The crew went to Himeji to visit the castle, which is the best preserved of the feudal castles.This is Himeji Castle, where Tom Cruise *wishes* he lived.One of the many gates to the castle keep. The ribbons are to remind you that feudal shogun were four feet tall, and you are not.Stairs of death.  Many people have received lobotomies from

17 06, 2007

Tokyo–Japanese for Too Damn Many People

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Seems like everybody wants to say they've been to Tokyo.  Sort of like everybody wants to see Rock City or get run over by a speeding bus.  It just so happens that Tokyo--which wants to be NYC so much, its become LA--is a mix of both.  The crew took the Shinkansen up the coast to the capital city and took

16 06, 2007

More Shasin

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More pictures...A shinto tori at myajimaguchi. It floats as the tide rises, balanced by its own weight and structure. Red wine and beer nuts.  Go figger. Part of our crew.Teachers are rock stars in Japan. Prayers written on snowy white paper, tied to branches of a tree. It is said that you can buy anything in a vending machine in

16 06, 2007

Fuji, Baby

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This is a one in a million shot by my adopted sister, Denise, but I only had to pay 10 dollars.She took it from the window of the Shinkansen train as we traveled to Tokyo for a day trip yesterday.  Normally, Fuji is masked by clouds during the summer, so this was a rare sighting.  The Japanese on the train

15 06, 2007

Picture Day!

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Today's  pictures are from the trip to Hiroshima, Myajima, and Iwankuni.  They're under the cut, and they are big.This is the Kintai Bridge, built by a samurai lord, Yoshikawa Hiroyoshi, in 1673.  It was washed out by a typhoon in 1953 but was rebuilt.  It's high arcs and wooden structure remind me of the spine of a Chinese dragon.  There

14 06, 2007

Hymns of Ground Zero

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I'm sitting near the open window of my room on the ninth floor of the Aster Plaza Hostel.  The cool night air mixes with the lights of buildings and streets light and with the sounds of traffic flowing over the city's many bridges.  The closest bridge, Aioi Bridge, just out of the sight-line of my window, is shaped like a

12 06, 2007

Kyoto–Japanese for Big Blisters

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Whew!  What a day!  My dogs are dog-tired, dog.  This rest is under the cut.Type your cut contents here.We took the JR (Japan Railway) train from Osaka station to Kyoto.  We grabbed the non-express, so the students got to see twelve smaller stations along the route, along with hundreds of small rice fields. Many Japanese grown their own rice, much