The crew went to Himeji to visit the castle, which is the best preserved of the feudal castles.

This is Himeji Castle, where Tom Cruise *wishes* he lived.

One of the many gates to the castle keep. The ribbons are to remind you that feudal shogun were four feet tall, and you are not.

Stairs of death.  Many people have received lobotomies from the wooden beams above the stairs.

The small box shape in the wall on the bottom left is a shooting hole.  From here, defenders can shoot arrows or fire guns or pour boiling oil or water or soba noodles or  throw bean paste or mothers-in-law or….

Samurai armor.  Four feet tall.  Perfect size for Tom Cruise.

The princess brought a dowry large enough to build a tower just for her and her ladies in waiting (the cat is stuffed; we’re not sure about the the women). The Vanity Tower, as it is called, is far away from the Keep, where the shogun slept–apparently, he was no Tom Cruise.

The shrine at the top of the keep, placed here so that you can give thanks for making it up seven stories of slick, short stairs in plastic slippers.  Across the room is a defibulator in case the prayer doesn’t work out.