The third Potter book was out before I read the first one, which I received in paperback  as a give-away at the ALAN Breakfast.  After reading it on the plane home, I bought the other two books.  For Christmas, we bought a (at the time) complete sets for our families.  For books 4,5, and 6, we bought two copies each, as did all of the people we gave Harry to as gifts.  With Book 7, we’ll buy three copies because it’s not worth the bruises and scrapes to fight over who gets to read first.

So, from that one free give-away, Scholastic has sold dozens of hardcover copies of HP, and many people have fallen in love a fictional world (odd, isn’t it, that Scholastic seems to have moved away from ‘viral’ marketing of it’s YA books).  And people ask me why I’d bother to write stories.

Enjoy your reading this weekend, folks.


Written by : thunderchikin

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