Liz Gallagher’s novel, The Opposite of Invisible, is making its debut!  Here’s the review I posted awhile ago:

“Alice is a Seattle teenager who seeks advice from a poster. She has two tree-hugger parents, one good friend, and an endless thirst for vanilla lattes. What she’d really like, though, is a boyfriend, someone, anyone who will notice her, so she asks her poster-advisor, Dove Girl, to send one her way. The problem is, two boys answer the call. One is Simon, the hot football player who works as an octopus volunteer. The other is Jewel, Alice’s lifelong best friend, who now wants to be more. How does Alice decide between the two when she wants to keep them both? The answer is, she can’t have them both, and she has to decide–what is important, being noticed or being in love?

Liz Gallagher’s debut novel is a terrific first-person narrative that deftly explores teenage relationships and social expectations. The characters of Alice and Jewel are fresh and honest, as well as three-dimensional. When I picked up this galley, I was wary, I admit. Novels about a teen girl’s first love aren’t my cup of Sumatra. But after three pages, I was hooked on Alice’s voice and Gallagher’s prose. This is a good one, folks. Keep your eyes peeled for THE OPPOSITE OF INVISIBLE, coming out in January ‘08 from Wendy Lamb Books.”

Whaddya waiting for?  Go join the launch party at Class of 2k8!

Written by : thunderchikin

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