Today’s vocabulary lesson–Smarticle

The Urban Dictionary defines the term “smarticle” as:

(adj) Describing someone/something being smart, smart in nature. Ironically uses incorrect grammar. Usually used in an informal or joking fashion

“The girl read her smarticle answer out loud to the class.”
“That was quite a smarticle maneuver, he thought.”

That’s all well and good because we know the UD has the inside dope on every bizarre language usage, most of them sexual (which leads me to believe that the UD was created or at least fed by adolescent males, whatever their ages), but I have it on good information that smarticle has a different definition:

(noun) The smallest measurement of intelligence. A portmanteau of “smart” and “particle.”

“If you’re going to pass calculus, you’ve got to make sure all your smarticles are aligned.”
“That girl’s brain can make the Kessel Run in less than twelve smarticles.”

There are ways to increase your smarticle load. Eat well (chocolate), lots of sleep (til noon, preferably), and exercise (Guitar Hero aerobic pantomiming). Also, you can decrease smarticles at a rapid rate, just by watching Hanna Montana or Corey in the House.

Source: Teen #2

Written by : thunderchikin

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