The next two blog entries were are going to be about rounds 2 and 3 of Soul Enchilada. I learned scads about writing doing these revisions. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that I became a writer somewhere during the convenience store scene, somewhere between the Vienna sausages and canned chili. In writing about the revisions, I learned something about myself as a blogger: I don’t want to post about the writing process. I’ve always stayed away from getting too personal in my blog, and talking about the revisions felt too intimate.

So here instead, is my revised post on revision.
On second thought, some folks were following the process, so I’ll go ahead and do the posts. In Summary: Revisions 2 and 3 are finished. They were a whirlwind, one that I enjoyed immensely. The book is a better book. I’m a better writer. My editor is worse for wear. The manuscript is off to copyediting, so I can actually read a book without worrying that my own writing will be affected. My to-be-read stack is literally taller than I am.

HarperFriend Alert: Teri Lesesne,

and the Goddess of YA has reviewed Harper author Sarah

Prineas’ The Magic Thief, which strangely is not on my reading pile. Hmm. Where are my car keys?

And Now For Something Different Alert: The American version of Little Britain is being shot in WilmyWood now.

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