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27 02, 2009

Follow Me on Twitter

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I've been on Twitter for awhile. I didn't embrace it at first because it seemed a hassle to log in just to add a status update. Then I realized that it's a great way to chronicle events, as well as kibitz. Chronicle AND kibitz? That's my cuppa tea! Please feel free to follow me on Twitter for a little C-K

24 02, 2009

The First Star of Tejas

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Kirkus has given Soul Enchilada a starred review (woot!): "Broke-down pizza-delivery heroine Eunice “Bug” Smoot’s snake of a granddad sold his soul to the devil for a 1958 Cadillac Biarritz. When he flies the coop, Satan—aka Scratch—and his crony Beals (short for Beelzebub) chase Bug down for her soul faster than she can say “repo.” Before she knows it, Bug

13 02, 2009

The Actress Who Will Voice Bug

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Brilliance Audio has posted a bio of Michelle Carmen Gomez, who had signed on to read the audiobook of Soul Enchilada: "Michelle Carmen Gomez, a former television news reporter from Texas, crossed over into audio when award-winning narrator Scott Brick recognized her “unique sound” and encouraged her to pursue a career in voiceover/narration. She has also performed on film, television

10 02, 2009

Themes Fighting Words

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Just the other day, Laurie Halse Anderson blogged about a recent uptick in homework requests. On her web site, as she confirms, there is a strongly worded post about not sending her homework questions. I'm sure this is very effective for students who actually read, but as a former high school teacher, I know that there are many students who