Greenwillow Books has released a Soul Enchilada reading group guide that is perfect for classroom discussion, small reading groups, and library literature circles, as well as book clubs. I think Soul would make a terrific read for Mother-Daughter book clubs.

This is one of my favorite questions: “Bug says in chapter 6 that “poor folks get used to being in danger,” and she also says that it’s hard to make it if you have to start at the bottom. Do you agree? Has Soul Enchilada gotten you thinking about specific social issues, such as what it means to overcome poverty? Why do you believe that some people are poor? Is it society’s job to change that circumstance? If not, why? If so, how?”

The guide was written by Kate Coxon, Teacher at Rocketship One Public School, Palo Alto, California. Thank you, Kate. And thanks to the fine people of Palo Alto for naming a school Rocketship One. How cool is that?

Two Days Until Soul Enchilada Launches in Canada!

Written by : thunderchikin

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