CIMG3527 Today, I had a great time on WUNC’s “The State of Things.” Laura Leslie hosted the program. She was funny, professional, and put up with me making faces at her. She also has an incredible voice. The day before, producer Susan Davis called, and we chatted about the book, writing, teaching, etc. So going in, I knew what expect. The studios, located in a section of Durham that used to be a tobacco warehouse–near the Durham Bulls baseball stadium, are very pleasant.

When they were doing a sound check on my mic, Laura asked me what I had for breakfast. “Nothing,” I said, “and I’m starving!” Remember what I wrote about the stuff that comes out of my mouth? That’s a prime example.  Another thing they didn’t except was my hands. When I get hyped, I talk with my hands. So my hands were flying everywhere. Also, the guests after me were musicians, so there was a humongous bass on the floor next to me.  It was everything I could do not to pluck it.CIMG3526






The interview is archived on the WUNC website here:

After we finished, I slipped out of the studio to take a couple of photos.

CIMG3528 CIMG3531 CIMG3532


Then I drove down to Raleigh, where I met the boy and one of his friends for the best burgers ever.

Thanks to everyone who sent tweets, posted, emailed, and followed along. I was reading them during breaks.

Next up, Michigan! Home of Brilliance Audio and the Wonder Twins of YA!

Written by : thunderchikin

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