3479921066_b2876f8ea4Last week, I flew to snowy Western Michigan to do a couple of short but glorious site visits with Wonder Twins librarians Cindy Dobrez and Lynn Rutan, as well as touring the offices of my audiobook publisher, Brilliance Audio (more about that later).  Of course, my flights were delayed–never fly with me–due to mechanical problems, weather, and someone who got caught in the jetway. Eventually, I made it to Grand Rapids then drove across to Grand Haven, which is on the shores of Lake Michigan:

I stayed  in this beautiful B&B below, the Harbor House Inn. The room had a great view of the river, and the breakfast was yummy.

So were the table fowl. Bring on the chikins!

With some free time and Google Maps on my phone, I ventured into nearby Holland, where they grow lots of tulips. I was a couple of weeks early for the Spring blooming, so I found a reasonable facsimile.

Eventually,I located the bookstore that was sponsoring my talk with the Boys & Girls Club later in the day.

I was intrigued by the Famous Nutty Paddle Pops. Alas, I didn’t get the chance to try one.

And then…

On to Harbor Lights Middle School to meet with Cindy Dobrez, Lynn Rutan, and the BBYA Reading Group. My name in lights! W00t!

Here’s one half of them….

And the other half….

This sculpture was too fun to let escape photoless.

They made me a cake! My name in lights AND a cake?

Let them eat cake!  And drink pop! (You know Southerners don’t call it pop, right?)

The BBYA Club kept me on my toes with a string of great questions. I managed to answer them all–I think. Way too quickly, I had to move on to the next event…

…but not before getting a pic of Cindy’s Printz Award Chikin.

Next up: The Boys & Girls Club of Holland!

Written by : thunderchikin

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