jjEver had the odd experience of *knowing* you’ve made a post, but when you look back, it’s not there? That’s the case with my post last week chronicling the second day of the WonderTwins Mini-Tour. Although I wrote the post, somehow my blogging client software didn’t follow my command to post it. What good is software if it doesn’t follow your commands?

The original post is below.  But first, a couple of words from out sponsors: Soul Enchilada has been nominated for BBYA, Best Books for Young Adults, a honor presented by ALA. Nomination is only the first step in a very deliberate process, but it’s nice to be mentioned.

Also, David Lubar mentions his recent purchase of Soul Enchilada and writerross beats me to a most excellent pun.

The Wonder Twins Tour Part B

Holland Boys & Girls Club

For someone who once toyed with doing open-mic stand-up, the venue at the Holland Boys & Girls Club was perfect. Espresso bar, pool and ping-pong tables, computer lab, and small gym, plus a stage, lights, a mic, and a stool. Who could ask for more. But wait! There is more. Add an uber energetic youth programs director named JJ and a group full of smart, funny, engaging teens as an audience. They hadn’t read the book, but I didn’t mind–I taught high school English, so I;m used to leading discussion where no one has read the material. 😉

A sign that I was in the right place.

Boys & Girls of Holland

JJ and friend

Asked EXCELLENT questions.

The whole crew. Thanks guys!

BrillianceAudio studio tour:

The third day of the trip, I had the delightful experience of touring the production and engineering studios of Brilliance Audio, the audiobook publishers of Soul Enchilada. It’s a humbling experience listening to professional readers work their magic from inside a sound proof cubicle with nothing but a book, a reading light, and the sound of their voices. The geek in me loved watching the engineers work through “punches” or mistakes in the readings, and then clean up the recording for any page noises, missed words, hiccups, sighs, or tummy rumblings.

Another sign that I’m in the right place.

This is where they record.

This is where they fix the recordings (note happy engineers).

And this is how they decorate the conference room (turn your head to the right).

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