I was shocked! shocked! when I realize three weeks have passed since the last post. What’ve I been doing? It would be great to say that it was a terrific new project that I kept under wraps. Sadly, I’ve only been working through a revision (it’s done and is marinating before it goes out) and starting up my annual summer school courses.. While I wasn’t looking, though, people have been posting about Soul Enchilada:

Matthew Holm of Baby Mouse fame, in support of the Bridget Zinn Auction, is posting about overlooked gems on auction. He posted about my donation of the audiobook of Soul Enchilada. The current bid is $35.00. This is a great cause, so I’d like to spice up the pot: If the winning bid passes $50, I’ll throw in a signed copy or Soul Enchilada in addition to the audiobook.

AARP adds Soul Enchilada to its shortlist of books grandparents can buy for teens.

SPPL Teens:Soul Enchilada is a death defying gut-buster! (aka: funny)

Cincinnati Public Library: “Readers who don’t mind the occasional bout of gross-out humor will be in for a fun ride here.”

Bettendorf Public Library: “This is a very funny book filled with madcap adventures.”

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