BookPage has name Soul Enchilada a notable book. But you knew that because you read the blog title. 🙂 This is one of my favorite reviews of Soul, so I just had to quote from it. You can read the whole thing at the website of Book People.

“In David Macinnis Gill’s fresh, funny debut, Soul Enchilada, we learn that Papa C sold his soul to the devil and tricked Bug into being a cosigner when she was 13 years old. The headstrong teen with dreadlocks and attitude galore is not only about to lose her mode of transportation-she has only 61 hours and 44 minutes to recover her soul. When you’re up against the devil, you need all the help you can get…

“Gill gives his novel spice with characters that are both charming and creepy, punchy dialogue and Bug and Pesto’s witty banter and flirtation….

“He wraps it all up in surprises taken from the Bible, folklore, mythology and literature. The result is one devilishly clever tale.”

Minivan driver Angela Leeper has made no pacts with the devil.

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