I’m a firm believer in relationship buying. There are two huge home improvement chains less than two miles from my house. There is also a tiny hardware store that’s been family-owned for decades. The building is decorated with family photos, old signs (the real ones, not the faux ones), and notes from customers. Everything in this building costs a little more than the chain store, but the people know their stuff, and they have things that you just can’t find in the big boxes. Plus, they sponsor local sports team and buy ads in the marching band program. When I spend money there, I know those few pennies are going to help the community, instead of eventually ending up in a a CEO’s or pro football player’s deep pockets.

That’s the reason there are no links to the big chain bookstores on this site.  Local booksellers know their community, their stock, and their literature. Most of all, they know you, their customers. Money you spend there stays there, in support of local schools and libraries, literacy programs, and yes, authors. If you’re thinking of buying a copy of Soul Enchilada, please consider visiting your local indy instead of ordering it online from a chain or the big river site. And if you don’t have a local bookstore, please consider ordering form one of the indies listed below. I’ve checked, and as of this writing, they have the book in stock.