image001-thumb2With Banned Books Week coming to a close, we in the YA community are watching in dismay as teachers and libraries are facing repeated–and sometimes, harassing–attempts to remove YA books from the shelves and the curriculum. Many folks have added their voices to the fight, and others, although they would like to help, are not sure what to say or to whom to say it.

Last summer, I discovered a letter on librarian James LaRue’s blog. Mr. LaRue had written the letter in response to a challenge of one of the books in the library’s collection. It is masterful, the perfect example of how to respond to a challenge in a reasoned and compassionate way, while remaining firm to the principles that guide both his library and this nation.

If you are thinking of responding to a challenge or are just curious about what all this Banned Books stuff is about, please take a moment to read:

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