In the life of a book, there are many important moments—concept, first draft, revisions, revisions, and more revisions, followed by copyediting. Nothing makes a book feel more to me than seeing bound galleys, aka ARCs, advanced reading copies.

It’s been fifteen months since the day I decided that the draft of my now-drawered mystery novel was no longer workable and emailed my editor, Virginia, a single line concept for a future dystopic story. She responded with great enthusiasm, and Black Hole Sun was on its way.

It’s been a fascinating and different process producing Black Hole Sun. Unlike Soul Enchilada, which Greenwillow acquired as a polished manuscript, the story of Durango and his crew of teen mercenaries emerged slowly under the watchful eye of my editor, who helped me shape the story from a rough clay throw and read ever incarnation to the final firing.

So it was with great joy that today when a brown UPS box appeared on the front steps, I took a steak knife and carefully opened the flaps…

Written by : thunderchikin

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