Because it’s less than two weeks until the launch of Black Hole Sun, I thought it would be fun to revisit some old blog posts.  I’ve been blogging about writing since 2004ish, and it’s interesting–if not embarassing–to read some of the things I wrote before.Today’s blog redux is a post about moldy cheese and character building.

My DW and I just finished cleaning the fridge. It had been accumulating leftovers and almost-empty condiment bottles since before Christmas, and because it was burping out broccoli gases every time we opened the door, it was time. DW took Job A, which included deciding what to keep and what to toss, as well as wiping all bottles of drips and streamers and rethreading all of the cross-threaded lids. I got Job B, which included dumping all off the leftovers into the disposal and hosing down the shelves and drawers. Mine was the fun job. It’s like getting to do science experiments, run machines, and play with my food all at once.

Along the way, I made the following observations:
1. Grinding onions in the disposal is a bad idea.
2. Grinding citrus fruits in the disposal is a good idea that almost compensates for #1.
3. Moldy cheese is indistinguishable from moldy refried beans.
4. It is possible to have five open containers of sour cream in the fridge at once–and not be able to find any of them.
5. When your DW says, “Ugh, this is the foulest thing I’ve ever smelled: Here, smell it”….don’t.

Written by : thunderchikin

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