This month’s Under Cover section of School Library Journal features an interview with me.  It must’ve been a slow news at SLJ for the editor to pick up the phone and talk to me about Black Hole Sun, samurai, Monty Python, and cursing in seven different languages, but he did, and the world is a better place for it, don’t you think?  You don’t? Me neither. jk. Here’s the link to the interview.

The really fun part of the interview as the photo shoot for the photo they always run with the article.  In the past people have dressed up as characters from their books. When the photographer, Brownie Harris (who has taken pictures of both JFK Jr and King Kong), suggested I dressed up like Durango, I nixed the idea.  Even if I had a suit of symbiarmor lying about, it would not be a good idea to squeeze me into it. Elvis tried that look, and look where it led.

So instead, we went with this:

Photo by Brownie Harris

Photo by Brownie Harris

Written by : thunderchikin

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