Today, I’m wallowing in the glory that is social networking and the internet because tomorrow, I get busy with the drafting of Invisible Sun, the sequel to Black Hole Sun (scheduled for release Winter/Spring 2012).  While the brainstorming and creation of scenes has gone on for six weeks now, I’ve yet to actually write any prose. All of the work has been in the form of a modified screenplay, which is how I seem to plot novels these days. Most of the story is in place. I know everything until the turning point, and I know the ending. That leaves second part of the second act still fluid so that there’s still a chance to surprise myself.

The real work begins tomorrow. I’ll be doing a fast draft, with a goal of finishing a first draft of 60k words on December 20th. My daily goal is 3k words. Because I’m easily distracted by checking Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Novelrank, and googling my name, I’m embargoing an internet connection until the daily quota is met. I’ll also keep track of the daily output of words to keep myself honest.

If you see me online before, feel free to ask if I’ve done my homework yet.

Written by : thunderchikin

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