Day 1 of the fast draft of Invisible Sun went as expected. It took about two hours of serious butt in chair time to crank out the words.  Not a fasdt pace but not slow, either. About what I expected for the first chapter. Even though I know the characters well, having already written a novel that featured three of them, I had to keep new readers in mind as the events of chapter one unfolded. People who read Black Hole Sun are familiar with Durango’s past, his symbiarmor, and Mimi, the poetry-quoting AI, but new readers need to have that relationship established for them. Time has passed since the end of Black Hole Sun, so the story had to allude to those events, too.

I almost finished chapter one today. When I noticed the word count, I stopped mid-sentence, a technique I use to keep the story perking in my imagination when the day’s writing is done.  Tomorrow, the first order of business is to finish this scene and start chapter 2.

The work so far: