60,020 words. That’s the final word count of Draft 1 of Invisible Sun, the sequel to Black Hole Sun. This is an alpha draft, unfit for human eyes, except for my own. There are many holes in the plot, a few missing scenes, and even a character who did not exist in the outline but now has become a major player.

What’s next? I’m taking a couple of days off to read, play video games, and watch movies. During that time, I’ll outline those missing scenes and do a couple of writing exercises to make connections among the characters. After Christmas, I’ll turn it over to my beta readers for quick impressions. After revisions, the manuscript will be sent off to my editor, who will turn it inside out and upside down.

Between now and publication date some in early 2012, I will do many passes on the manuscript. Scenes will be cut. New ones will be written. The plot will change. Some characters may die, and others may live. The length of the book will swell then shrink until it reaches about 75k words. There’s a lot of work ahead. but I love to revise, and this draft gives me a place to start the work I adore.

This will be my last post about Fast Draft for Invisible Sun. Thanks for reading along.