On Sunday, May 6th, Books of Wonder is pleased to welcome seven teen fiction authors to share their thrilling stories of revenge, hope, and courage. Author and National Book Award Finalist PAOLO BACIGALUPI will present The Drowned Cities, set in a dark future America where violence is all too common and two young refugees must fight for their lives; GALAXY CRAZE will introduce The Last Princess, in which a series of natural disasters has devastated the earth, and a young princess of England must escape from a murderous revolutionary who is targeting her royal family; DAVID MACINNIS GILL will share Invisible Sun, an action-packed story featuring a young hero who must race through fire and flood to prove himself, against all odds, to the girl he loves; KATE KLIMO will present Daughter of the Centaurs – Centuriad #1, following the tale of Malora, the last surviving member of a tribe of horse wranglers and hunters, who must now roam the dangerous wild with no one but a band of horses for companionship; ALETHEA KONTIS will introduce Enchanted, an inventive new take on an age-old fairytale about Sunday, the youngest of seven sisters named for the days of the week, who befriends a frog with the potential to become a prince – will she find love in such an unlikely place? ELIZABETH NORRIS will share Unraveling, in which high schooler Janelle is hit by a car then miraculously brought back to life by loner Ben – and her mysterious revival is only the first of many puzzles she’ll have to solve. And last but not least, MARY G. THOMPSON will present Wuftoom, the story of a sick boy named Evan who is confined to his bed and experiencing a metamorphosis into something even science cannot explain, all alone except for his visits from the Wuftoom, a wormlike creature who tells Evan he is becoming “one of them.” Join us on Sunday May 6th for the chance to hear these talented authors speak about their books, take questions from the audience, and sign copies of their work. Ages 12 and up. 1-3pm.

Written by : thunderchikin

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