SHINE by Lauren Myracle was one of my favorites of the year when it came out, so I was delighted to learn that the book has won the 2012 Walden Award, given by the Assembly on Literature for Adolescents (ALAN). SHINEis a powerful story, and Lauren is a delight. Truly, it can’t have happened to a kinder person, and I’m glad to have once shared a pair of pants with her.

Here’s the official notice:

The Assembly on Literature for Adolescents (ALAN) of the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) is pleased and proud to announce the winner of the 2012 Amelia Elizabeth Walden Book Award for Young Adult Fiction.  Established in 2008 to honor the wishes of young adult author Amelia Elizabeth Walden, the award allows for the sum of $5,000 to be presented annually to the author of a young adult title selected by the ALAN Amelia Elizabeth Walden Book Award Committee as demonstrating a positive approach to life, widespread teen appeal, and literary merit.

The 2012 Amelia Elizabeth Walden Award Winner is: Shine by Lauren Myracle (Amulet Books)


Written by : thunderchikin

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