I’m backing the new graphic novel, Molly Danger, by veteran artist Jamal Igle.  Molly is the world’s most powerful 10 year old superhero is comic book superstar. The drawings look fresh and interesting and who doesn’t love the idea of a ten year old girl superhero?

Here’s the info on the creator:

My name is Jamal Igle and I’m a 22 year veteran of the comic book industry, having drawn everything from Action Comics to Firestorm the nuclear man52, Countdown, Daredevil/Shi, Iron Man, Iron Fist/ Wolverine, KISS, New Warriors, Noble Causes, Nightwing, Spider-man, Supergirl, Superman and Zatanna. My work has appeared in projects for the European market such as L’armée Des Anges for Les Humanoïdes Associé andPerry Rhodan, reprinted in a number of languages internationally. I’m also a former editor, marketing executive and art director, I’ve worked in television animation on series such as Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chroniclesand Max Steel. Last year, I received the Inkpot Award for achievement in comic art. Currently I’m completing work on KISS for IDW Publishing andSMALLVILLE Season 11 for DC COMICS.