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In late Fall 2012, I finished the last revisions on Shadow on the Sun, the final book in the Hell’s Cross (my name for the series)/Sun/Durango books.  I was relieved—after more than a year and several substantial revisions, the book and the series were finally done.

Now, I could take a breather and left my worn out fingers take a rest. No sooner did I hit the send button that an email arrived from my editor, requesting that I write a e-novella prequel to the series and have it finished for a February launch. I laughed because there was no way I could write a 24k novella in that amount of time, and then I said yes. Because even though I had finished with the series, I knew that there would always be stories to tell in Durango’s world. How could I pass up the chance?

For the next month, I wrote what became a long novella, almost 38k words. We shrank it a bit on revision, but not by much. Laid out like a traditional book, it’s a 160 page novel, which is about half the length of the other novels in the series. I hope that it’s big enough to satisfy the reader and that some of the answers about Durango’s backstory are enough to satisfy your curiosity—a little bit, at least.

Official Blurb:

Rising Sun is a stand-alone 125-page novella, a prequel to David Macinnis Gill’s acclaimed Black Hole Sun, of which Suzanne Collins said, “Black Hole Sun rockets readers to new frontiers … action-packed.”

Jacob Stringfellow, aka Durango, once had a promising career in the elite armed forces. That was before. Before his father betrayed him and his unit. Before he almost died and had an artificial intelligence flash-cloned to his brain. Now Durango and Mimi (the AI) are figuring out how to get along and figuring out how to stay in the game. Set on a violent and unforgettable dystopian Mars, this is a must read for fans of the author’s Black Hole Sun trilogy and for anyone who loves intense, action-packed science fiction.

So here it is, the start of Durango and Mimi together. For those of you who keep count, this is Hell’s Cross Number 0.  It’s available on all ebook formats for $1.99.

Available at:


ISBN: 9780062273024; ISBN10: 0062273027; Imprint: Greenwillow Books ; On Sale: 2/5/2013; Format: eBook; Trimsize: ; Pages: 161; $1.99; Ages: 14 and Up

Written by : thunderchikin

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