0One of the ironies of growing up to be a voracious reader, a published novelist and an English teacher/professor is that there were very few books in our home. Both of my parents were laborers who never finished high school, and while they read, it was the books that they could borrow or in my father’s case, the history textbooks I brought home from school.

The other thing that I brought home from school was the flyer from Scholastic Book Club. From first grade to eighth, these flyers were my gateway drug to new a cool books that we could afford–not every time and not many books, but still enough to keep me going. I’m not sure where I would’ve been as a reader (maybe more of my mother’s Sidney Sheldon books would’ve found their way into my hands), but my life would have less rich, I know that for sure.

So it is that I celebrate the publication of this month’s TAB flyer from Scholastic Book Clubs, which lists Black Hole Sun on page 2, right next to Orson Scoot Card’s Ender’s Game (a bit of synchronicity in it’s own right):

Scholastic Book Club TAB March

Written by : thunderchikin

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