Today is the final day to download Black Hole Sun on Kindle or Nook.  It’s been a wild week since the book went on sale for free on the major book sites, and I’ve learned a lot bout promoting free ebooks that I wish I’d known before this started. For example, Twitter is a better venue than Facebook by far. Live and leaner, though.

When this promotion started, I had certain goals: I wanted Black Hole Sun to be #1 in Teen Scifi, #1 in Teens, and #1 in all ebooks at both Amazon and This is what was achieved.

  • #1 in Teen scifi at both Amazon and
  • #1 in Teen at both Amazon and
  • #1 Nook ebook at (not a surprise because it was Nook’s Free Ebook Friday choice)
  • #24 Kindle ebook at Amazon (still trying, but it looks like this goal may elude us).
  • #4 Bestselling Teen Nook for Rising Sun, the prequel to Black Hole Sun. This was an unexpected but completely awesome side-effect.

Overall, I would consider the promotion a success, even though my greedy heart would grow three sizes if Black Hole Sun reached the Top 20 today in the final hours before the promote ends.

Thanks to everyone who downloaded, shared, liked, and retweeted the news. I appreciate you all!

Reminder: Black Hole Sun is FREE for the NookKindle, and iTunes until 4/1/2013. Get it while it’s hot. If you do download BHS first, then you should read it first.

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