Today, I reached several benchmarks in writing. I just finished my quota for the day, and the two thousand or so words that I wrote today, the last day of February, give me over 80,000 words for the month. I began a year of writing on December 4, 2013. Since then I have written over 200,000 words (200,043 to be exact). Today, I also finished the first draft of the third novel since beginning this process. To be fair, one of those novels had been on my laptop for almost a year prior. I was “just “revising it, but it was a substantial revision that in many ways was more difficult than the first draft of the two new novels.

I began this year-long experiment because I had spent so much time on one book and I was not getting it right. I got caught up in listening to my editorial voice and not just putting the words on the page. I am far better at revising than I am a drafting, and I had forgotten that. In order to revise, I need something, anything, on the page.

I am not as young as many of the other writers in the YA field. There are so many stories I would like to tell. Some of them are already on my laptop in either an outline or idea stage. Some of them are just events or themes I would like to explore. Some of them, I haven’t even thought of yet. But I realized late last year that if I spent forever telling one story, I would not have time to tell the others. So I made a promise to myself to write every day for a year. On average, I accomplished my goal of 2k/day six out of seven days a week. At some point, I hope to understand what this experiment means for me as a writer and an author. At this point, it is too early to tell, and I’m too wrapped up in the process for self-reflection.

So I am t quarter of the way through the year. Three months have passed, and they have been a very productive three months, even though this process has produced some horribly messy drafts that need fixin’ real bad. I can only hope that the next three months are just as productive because I have more stories than time, and I would like to make that equation a little more balanced.

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