The Ides of March seemed like a good day to update my word count for the month. So far since March 1, I have written 41,006 words. Most of those are on my fourth novel since December 4, 2013. Since I began the year of riding on that date, I have written 241,449 words.

I have been revising my previous novels along the way. I turned in novels one and two, both young adult novels, to my editor in February. The third and fourth novels are both for adults. They are both genre novels that I have wanted to write for a while, and now I am taking the time to do that. I figured, why not? I’m going to be doing two thousand words a day, anyway, so I will be writing far more than my publisher could possibly accept.

The question becomes, what am I going to do with the adult novels? After much consideration, including the realization of my advancing age, I have decided that I will be publishing them independently. This decision is not born out of any frustration with traditional publishing but with the realization that all of my traditionally published work is in the children’s field. That is all my publisher publishes, and it is all my agent sells. If I tried to begin an adult career now going the traditional route, it would take many months to find an agent willing to represent my work, more months to sell it to a traditional adult publisher, and then years before it was ever published. In addition, I couldn’t count on the quality editing and support I get in YA. 

Frankly, I don’t have the time or patience for that.

So when these new novels are ready, I will be publishing them in e-book format, the way that many successful independent authors are doing today. I have no delusions that I will get the kind of sales that others have, but any novel competently written needs to find an audience on its own.

Written by : thunderchikin

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