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21 05, 2014

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macteenbooks: maryepearson: *~~ Tumblr Exclusive ~~*  ARC Giveaway I’m giving away three advanced review copies (ARCs) of The Kiss of Deception. Simply REBLOG this post on Tumblr by Friday May 30th and you’re entered for a chance to win one of them. It’s that simple. (USA only)  I will randomly choose 3 rebloggers to win the ARCs. The

7 05, 2014

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batmanisagatewaydrug: We really need to talk about this scene a lot, because holy wow. The MCU movies have definitely been getting a little darker since the Avengers, and Iron Man 3 was definitely the grimmest of that particular trilogy so far, but scenes like this? This is pure optimism. Tony is told he can save 4 out of 13, and

4 05, 2014

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A few months back, I was asked to participate in a debate on the topic of whether men should have to pay on dates. (I was “the feminist.”) It turned out that the male debater and I didn’t really disagree much on that topic. I said that, generally, whoever asks the other person out pays for that date, and then