KW Blowback and Devil Baby Konrath

KW Blowback and Devil Baby Konrath

The title of this post is a mash-up of its topics, Kindle Worlds, Jack Daniels, Joe Konrath, and my Boone Childress mystery series for adult readers. Last year, I published three novels featuring Boone (Tin City Tinder, Steel City Smithereens, and Bronzeville Blowback), as well as a novella and a short story. Two of those publications, Bronzeville and the short story, were originally written  in response to Joe Konrath’s invitation to co-atuhor works set in his Jack Daniels universe. The response to Joe’s invitation was overwhelming, so I decided to removed his characters form those two works and publish them.

In the meantime, Kindle Worlds came along and offered the chance to write in other worlds. I chose to publish a short story set in Hugh Howey’s WOOL universe and a pseudonymous novella in another world. Both of the stories have done well enough o pay for the labor to create them, so when Konrath let his previous collaborators know that Kindle Worlds would be offering a Jack Daniels universe, I decided to revert Bronzeville and the short story to their original forms. They are now published by Kindle Worlds as Bronzeville Blowback and “Devil Baby and the House That Kills.”

For readers who have purchased the pieces previously, there is no reason to repurchase them. The stories and plot points are exactly the same. Only some of the names have been changed to protect the innocent. (I do wonder if all the fat jokes complaints will end now that the overweight character is a middle aged male detective, but that’s a topic for another post.)

The reading order for the series hasn’t changed, either. Although the books are written to be read individually, there is a chronology to the series. Some readers prefer to follow the stories in chronological order, so I’ve included a timeline below, starting with the earliest and ending with the latest:

KEY LIME DIE, a novella
So there ya go. An experiment in publication that we hope will lead to great things!
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