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29 08, 2015

What The #$&@ Does My Character Want Anyway? | Through The Tollbooth

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This post is a thoughtful, well-written snapshot of a key element of any novel. It interested me because it mentions Robert Olen Butler, and I first heard of character yearning from Butler in 1993 at a workshop. When I ask writers what their character wants, it comes directly from that workshop. Butler's novels, however, are fairly light on external plot

29 08, 2015

Boom! targets female readers with the delightful Giant Days and Power Up 

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I'm delighted to see more women getting their work seen in the comics industry--and for those work to get press from media. Graphic-novel publishers have made huge strides in reaching out to female readers in the past decade, but monthly comics still move slowly when it comes to releasing more titles targeted to women...It’s still a pleasant surprise when one

29 08, 2015

Remus Lupin Rap Tribute

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A teacher named Scott Swanson has created a much deserved rap song for the under appreciated teacher hero of Harry Potter. All I can say is, about time!

28 08, 2015

So Long, Mr. Dawkins

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There should be a Darryl Dawkins statue on ESPN's campus. The sports network was brand new and struggling for content in the Fall of 1979 when Chocolate Thunder shattered his first blackboard. Viewers couldn't get enough of the clip, and the only show on cable that could run it and rerun it was SportsCenter, so that's what they did until Chris Berman

28 08, 2015

Tesla Model S P85D Breaks Consumer Reports’ Ratings System

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Tesla broke Consumer Report's scale--and its website! Earning 103 out of 100 points, Tesla blew the notoriously picky review magazine out of the water. That's what happens when a car goes 0-60 in 3.5 seconds, rides like a sedan, and stops like a supercar. Anybody got 100k so I can have one, too?