The Grand Finale of the BOOK TOUR for Dearest By Alethea Kontis

And can I just say…I have had an AMAZING time this month. How amazing, you ask? Well, I tossed a bunch of glitter out into the intarwebs and MAGIC HAPPENED. Thank you again to Prism Book Tours, my tireless tour companion Leanna Renee Hieber, and all the bloggers who took part in this month long EXTRAVAGANZA. This was one for the history books, you guys!

Did you miss any of the magical posts and reviews for this tour?

Go check them out now! You can also grab the 20th Chapter of Dearest,

not previously released, on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Lilac Reviews – Tips for Writing a Series

The Arilland Easter Egg Page: I’ve always been a big fan of DVD extras, so I created a page on my website where I list handy links to essays, videos, stories, articles and the like that are some how connected to the series. You can find it here:

Wishful Endings – The Wild Swans Rant

“The Wild Swans”, along with “The Little Mermaid” and “The Little Match Girl” has always been one of my favorite stories by Hans Christian Andersen. (It’s also, notably, one of the only HCA stories in which the main characters DON’T DIE.)

Special post @ Waterworld Mermaids – Learn some fun facts about Alethea!

The Book Lovers’ Lounge – Review

I would still recommend this book to anyone who loves their fairy tales and romance books.

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