Of the 85 works nominated for this year’s Hugo Awards, one of science fiction’s most prestigious prizes, a dozen walked away with wins. Among their number were hit series, household names and repeat recipients — but a day later, the winning entries getting the most attention have no names at all: In several of the categories, voters picked “No Award” instead of bestowing the prize on one of the nominees.

That strange result will be explained — as best it can be — in just a second.

But first, the actual winners deserve a nod: Ms. Marvel, written by G. Willow Wilson, won for best graphic story, while the Guardians of the Galaxy film and Orphan Black also earned awards. Chinese writer Cixin Liu (and his translator, Ken Liu) won the prize for best novel, with The Three-Body Problem — a first for a Chinese author at the Hugos.

via Hugo Awards: Amid A Hubbub At The Hugos, ‘Puppies’ See Little Success : The Two-Way : NPR.