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16 12, 2016

Old Pajamas

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I have a bigger tally-whacker than a Pulitzer Prize wining author.  I should know: I have his pajamas.  I didn’t steal them. I found them, last Summer at the New Orleans Radisson. In the bureau, I find these pajamas, cotton with blue fish.  Next morning, the maid thinks they’re the previous guest’s, some poet who’d just won the Pulitzer. I

2 12, 2016

After Cass

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She believes she believes in dreams.  She knows they’re real, but she knows they can’t come true.  Her dead husband, Mr. Cass, taught her that dreams were best forgotten, traded in for a cast iron skillet or a pound of bacon.  Now, just a month after he died, Mr. Cass seemed like maybe he was a dream, one that had

2 12, 2016

Seventh Son

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High above Mars in a small space station, two men met in the boardroom of Offworld Mining Corporation.  The older of the two, Stringfellow, sat in a treadchair, too weak from cancer to stand.  The younger man was a job candidate–handsome, twenty-three, fresh from Earth, and terrified. The room was dark, with only an egg-shaped viewing window to shine light