Bad Poems

20 10, 2016


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We struck a match that lit a wick A flame that we consumed in a moment stolen from forever But now we are just shadows dancing on the cave wall You and I

13 10, 2016


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The first time I took flight Superman had just single bounded Black and white across the screen of A tiny TV topped with rabbit ears so Tying a towel around my neck, I Ran across the living room Winding swishing the cape behind, Leapt into the air and Hung there Suspended mid-air for an eon before Landing on the mattress

10 10, 2016

Night Fall, Regret

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A man I knew died today. He had driven himself to hospital Sweating and shaking From heart failure, The way some diabetics do. The attack was just a symptom. Too much of his liver had died, His body buoyed with toxins. One by one His organs faltered. He lasted long enough For the family to gather, To make their apologies

6 10, 2016


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You’re 01011010 And I’m 3.14 to ∞ Which is why you’re all Yes/no, yes/no, yes/no. And I’m all about the Maybe.

6 10, 2016


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So you want to be the wolf, She says with fangs bared. You want to hunt with the pack. The scent wild in your nostrils, The taste of prey in your mouth. You want to stalk silent

29 09, 2016

Fight or Flight

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My fight or flight response is broken Or the flight gene never coded my DNA. When an Everglades catfish ripped the cane pole From my hands and I dived into Okeechobee After it and into the personal space Of a swamp gator who hissed and chuffed a warning, I punched the gator on the snout

27 09, 2016


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This is what happens when you get too much coffee and not enough exercise. This morning I awoke speaking Australian To a mob of high school kids who Loved my books and the TV series Based on them. They wanted to know How I allowed this certain actress To play the ballerina assassin. So I asked, what actress? What TV

26 09, 2016


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The Yamaha that summer money Bought two seasons and a half ago Rests easy on her knee, a foot tucked beneath As she strums a bright chord Then sings, you be you and I’ll be me, And that’s all I ever wanted for her. Mind if I play another one? As if she has to ask. She can play for

21 09, 2016


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Shall we gather at the river? Shall we gather stones To place on the graves Of those we’ve lost? Shall I open myself Like a spigot turns A fountain flowing Deep and wide? Or shall we walk Hand in hand, speaking To the voices that whisper From the mist?

19 09, 2016

Hank Williams on the Radio

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The nicotine coating your truck windows so thick it took us vinegar and old paint canvas to cut through it. The snap of your Zippo lighter like the snap of a worn leather belt when you let me fill it with fluid. The ember of your Pall Mall dancing in the night when you told Uncle Joe that jacks bounced