23 08, 2015

The Graceful Power of Novelist Jason Reynolds

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Chris Myers, who happens to be the son of Walter Dean Myers is a friend of mine. A few years ago we were catching up and he asked me what I had been working on. I explained that I hadn't actually been working on anything, and that I was pretty much done with writing. Chris then explained that his father

16 08, 2015

Postcards from Nerdcamp: PD gets fun in a grassroots unconference on literacy | School Library Journal

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Now that you’ve started reading this, I should probably decide what to write about. Don’t worry, it’s not for a lack of material—quite the opposite. You see, I spent two days this summer at Nerdcamp, a literacy-focused “unconference,” where no sessions are planned until all the attendees show up. And the spontaneity seems to have rubbed off on me. In

16 08, 2015

Love Lines: A Summer Sampler Of Romantic Manga : NPR

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Romance comes in many forms — and never so many as in manga. Let loose in the black-and-white planes of comic-book reality, an army of creators has envisioned every schmooptastic scenario imaginable. But even setting aside certain extremes (Male pregnancy? A guy whose true love gets miniaturized and stuck to his forearm?) it's still a daunting field. Where's a reader

13 08, 2015

ARCs and Books This Week

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When I returned from summer break, I found these goodies waiting in my office, along with a couple of other boxes I have not opened yet. Thanks to my friends,  the random penguins at Penguin Random House, Candlewick, and Little Brown. These two lovelies go to the top of the TBR pile: