7 08, 2016

GRRM’s Wild Cards Universe Coming to TV

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This from George RR Martin's "Not a Blog": "Universal Cable Productions (UCP) has acquired the rights to adapt our long-running Wild Cards series of anthologies and mosaic novels for television. Development will begin immediately on what we hope will be the first of several interlocking series. Melinda M. Snodgrass, my assistant editor and right-hand man on Wild Cards since its

28 08, 2015

So Long, Mr. Dawkins

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There should be a Darryl Dawkins statue on ESPN's campus. The sports network was brand new and struggling for content in the Fall of 1979 when Chocolate Thunder shattered his first blackboard. Viewers couldn't get enough of the clip, and the only show on cable that could run it and rerun it was SportsCenter, so that's what they did until Chris Berman

27 08, 2015

The Production Designer’s Most Difficult Challenge on Game of Thrones’ Fifth Season Was…

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Maybe it was tough, but the designers made a great choice in locations for Bravos. Can't say the same for the choice of Ary's hairstyle as the shellfish monger.

27 08, 2015

‘GoT’ theory: Jon Snow could be a twin – Tech Insider

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Ready for another Game of Thrones conspiracy theory? An oldie has resurfaced and it looks possible. Buckle in, "Game of Thrones" fans, there's a new fan theory circulating online, and this one might throw you for a loop. It starts with an older theory, one that claims Ned Stark is not Jon Snow's real father. Known as R + L = J,

23 07, 2015

Kit Harington joins the cast of Game of Thrones in Belfast

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It wasn't his death we saw. It was his story arc turn. In the continuing adventures of the worst-kept secret in Game of Thrones land, Kit Harington was seen heading back to Belfast, Northern Ireland last night. On the same flight was Tom Wlaschiha, who portrays everyone’s favorite Sexy Jesus Assassin on the show, Jaqen H’ghar. via Yes, Kit Harington is in Belfast AGAIN; Irish