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7 06, 2014

I made this. A Boone Childress short story

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I made this. A Boone Childress short story: TV Show The House That Kills visits Charles House, a haunted B&B in a posh Boston neighborhood, and locks an innocent contestant in a room to spend the night. If he makes it, he gets a thousand bucks. If he doesn’t— When the room is opened, a dead body greets

7 06, 2014

I made this. Key Lime Die, a Boone Childress Novella.

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Key Lime Die, a Boone Childress Novella. Two ATV riders make the find of their lives when an accident leads to a gruesome discovery—the death mask of a teenage girl. Boone Childress returns in this novella as he strives to work under the constraints of protocol in order to discover the identity of the victim—and to find her

6 06, 2014

My second publication this week

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My second publication this week: Steel City Smithereens, A Boone Childress Novel #2. A furniture factory explodes in the middle of the night, detroying the building and a family business that’s operated for three generations, putting dozens out of work and devastating the owner. It looks like an accident. At first. Until Navy intelligence operator turned firefighter Boone

12 04, 2014

Two New Books from Me

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Since December, I’ve written over 300,000 words. I’ve kept a running total on Twitter, and I get asked quite a bit what’s become of the novels I’ve finished. Two of them, both YA books, are on my editor’s desk at HarperCollins. The third, called Tin City Tinder, is a mystery novel for adults, the first in a new series. For