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27 01, 2012

Jack Gantos: Slobberific

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Jack Gantos: Slobberific “Sometimes when you stare out the window it’s like watching the movies in your mind.” —Jack Gantos. And sometimes, you make readers laugh so hard, they slobber themselves, and while they’re laughing, you sneak in a nugget of profundity and insight that once they’ve stopped laughing and cleaned themselves up, they say, “Huh. That’s so right.”

24 01, 2012

Bringing the Funny to the Medal Round

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Almost as much as Rodney Dangerfield is quoted for his “No respect” catchphrase, Edmund Kean,* the famous Shakespearean actor, is often quoted as saying on his deathbed, “Dying is easy; comedy is hard.” **  Our finest actors are those who can play comedy, which requires more subtly and finesse than dramatic acting. The same is true of writing.  It’s easy to make readers cry—just kill a