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14 05, 2008

Anatomy of a Final Revision

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The last of the manuscript arrived at 6:06 PM, a day and half later than expected.This bothered my wonderful publisher friends more than it did me because they have deadlines to meet, marketing to do, etc. Me, all I have to do is accept some spot-on line edits and do a little seeding here and there.Plus, here’s a dark secret

11 05, 2008

Round 2: Words That Strike Fear Into My Skeevy Little Heart

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Round Two of revisions was the same as Round 1, but different. Same, in that the editorial notes included line-edits and marginalia, as well as a short editorial letter (addressing two major issues that I’ll describe below). Different in that AEV’s notes came at two different times—the first half of the novel one week, the second half, the next. The

10 05, 2008

Revisions? The Computer Says No

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The next two blog entries were are going to be about rounds 2 and 3 of Soul Enchilada. I learned scads about writing doing these revisions. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that I became a writer somewhere during the convenience store scene, somewhere between the Vienna sausages and canned chili. In writing about the revisions, I learned something

22 03, 2008

A Revision Story

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The revisions for Soul Enchilada were similar to ones I've done on novels in the past. Every novelist who has written a book that didn't sell knows the feeling of changing a novel in response to an encouraging but "not quite" rejection. The same is true of working from critiques by your crit group. The difference between this revision and