Last week, I finished a great book by Tennessee professor and forensic anthropologist William “The Body Farm” Bass. Dr. Bass was my Anthro 101 professor many years ago, and I also took a human identification class from him–not because I’m into identifying human remains, but because he was such a fascinating teacher. He told great stories in class and showed many slides that weren’t great at all. He’s collected these stories and added to them in his book, DEATH’S ACRE. It’s a must-read story of a scientist’s work and one man’s journey through life. Highly, highly recommended, even for the squeamish. IF he;d put the pictures of him picking up fingers after a fireworks explosion, that would have left the squeamish out.

I had a couple of questions about the fantasy NIP mentioned below. I finished a draft in late July and immediately began another novel, this one an historical YA set at the beginning of the barnstormers era. That second novel is finished, as well, and has gone through a second draft. The fantasy novel is still in the drawer waiting for me to decide on a change in structure.

Written by : thunderchikin

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