I coined a new term today: geoxymoron–a contradiction of places. It’s my idiom for cities and town with names that are contradictions in term.

Manhattan, KS (my favorite)
Rome, GA
Athens, TN

Got any others?

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6 Responses to Geoxymoron

  1. ___sascha___ says:

    When my car broke down, I spent a romantic night at a truck stop in Paris, IL…does that count?

    Friended you, ya big LJ snob ;).


  2. elsbet_vance says:

    Belfast, ME
    Norway, ME
    Paris, ME
    Lebanon, ME
    Berea, SC


  3. thunderchikin says:

    I’m not a snob; I just have good taste 🙂


  4. thunderchikin says:

    Those are great. I add Paris, TX to the list of American Parises. I’ve never been to Maine. Would it and Norway have similar weather? Not that I’ve been to Norway, either.


  5. elsbet_vance says:

    Well, it was cold and there were lots of evergreen trees. 🙂

    I forgot China, ME.


  6. professornana says:

    Paris Texas comes to mind.


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