Check my writers group? No news. Check my email? No news. Check my friends’ blogs? No news. Check the Blue Board? No news that I haven’t read. Check Firebranders? No news.


If something doesn’t happen soon, I’m going to do something drastic–like start a new novel.

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7 Responses to Whiney-butt-ing

  1. marypearson says:

    dang, isn’t that just how it is sometimes? You want someone else to come up with SOMETHING to distract you from what you need to do. I guess you have no choice but to crank out that novel–and I have no choice but to finish %!&%$! the one at hand. Deal.


  2. thunderchikin says:



  3. newport2newport says:

    No big news from me…Just dropped by to say that I’ve added you as a (fellow Firebrander and LJ) friend. Hope that’s OK.

    (CONGRATS, again.)


  4. thunderchikin says:

    Thanks! I’ve friended you as well.


  5. ___sascha___ says:

    Do it, do it! I double dog dare you!

    (I have possible news and am close to news, but in saying that, I wonder if that is like the little bit pregnant deal, you either have it or you don’t…)

    ((and I just started my new novel…and LOVE it!))

    monkeys with thumbs…heehehee so, sooo true…


  6. thunderchikin says:

    You’re on. I’ll start it tomorrow.

    You’ve reminded me of my favorite oblivious question: “So, how pregnant are you?”


  7. xjenavivex says:

    would you allow me to add and consider adding my journal as well?


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