Bill's Razor

Earlier in the week, dared me to start a novel the next day. To prove I’m above such obvious attempts at manipulation, I waited two days to start. So there.

Here’s the opening of the first chapter.

You know about Occam’s Razor, right? The law that posits that the simplest solution to a problem is usually the right one? Like when your TV doesn’t work, the first thing you check is to make sure that the plug is actually in a socket. Well, in my house we have something called Bill’s Razor, which posits that the first step in fixing anything broken is for my dad to give it a good whack.

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7 Responses to Bill's Razor

  1. thunderchikin says:

    Right you are.



  2. thatgirlygirl says:



  3. beachalatte says:

    sounds like a great opening!


  4. ___sascha___ says:


    (but I bet you were thinking about it those two daaaays!)


  5. newport2newport says:

    ha ha! I love this start.

    What happens next? Post again in two days so we know.


  6. elsbet_vance says:

    oooh, I like this! hehe.


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