It’s Another Manic Monday


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4 Responses to It’s Another Manic Monday

  1. tamarak says:



  2. thunderchikin says:



  3. alixwrites says:

    Wow, this is humming along very quickly (It seems like very recently that you were at 20K). Congrats. Me, I’ve finished my whole draft, but now I have to type the whole thing (I write my drafts longhand and have only typed 90 pages of what promises to be a 200+ page book) and then try to un-suckify it>


  4. thunderchikin says:

    It started out as a long short story, and it had the spine for a longer work, so I’m filling in scenes and expanding the sub-plots. This one will have to sit in a drawer before I can un-suckify it, I think.


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