American Idle

I’ve never watched American Idol. Not a single minute. I’m just saying….

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5 Responses to American Idle

  1. tamarak says:

    I’ve only seen a few of the very first season’s episodes. I seem to remember Kelly Clarkson wearing a bunch of funky hats.


  2. thatgirlygirl says:

    I’ve watched “at” it, but only for the last couple of seasons. Turn on your tv now! Apparently tonight’s footage from Seattle is the best ever.
    Seattle must be full of freaks if this is any indication. I’m just sayin’…


  3. thunderchikin says:

    Must be why ALA is going there…


  4. alixwrites says:

    You can still be drawn in. I swear, I didn’t watch seasons 1-3 at all and only watched the last few rounds of season 4. But by season 5, I was telling people who took me out to dinner after school visits that I, “felt a little tired” so I could go back to the hotel and watch.

    I will say, my readers ALL watch it!


  5. thunderchikin says:

    Excellent point.


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